What is TAfool? Not really what, but who. TAfool would be me — Daniel Bradford.

What does TAfool mean? It is an amalgamation of T/A (Technical Analysis) and fool. In this case fool is referring to someone with a passion for something, as in, “fool”, noun,….4. Informal. A person with a talent or an enthusiasm for a certain activity: a dancing fool; a fool for skiing. Or in my case, a fool for technical analysis.

“Why should anyone follow what you say”? Nobody should. I’m just a private trader putting my thoughts and some trades in writing. Putting trades into writing helps to make a more complete analysis and keeps the trade on track rather than shifting mid-course and losing your way. So this is more of an open journal or diary, if you will.

“So you’re some noob thinking you know it all”? Noob? No. Know it all? Not even close. Everyone always has something new to learn, and especially in the markets gets humbled quickly and often. I started analyzing charts back in the early 1990’s and first posted detailed trades in the late 1990’s at the Motley Fool and various other sites. One place to check my past performance is here at the Motley Fool boards. Navigate to the main folder there and you can read through all of my pre-announced trade posts for that particular thread. After reading that thread come to your own conclusion as to whether or not I can actually read a chart.

As I think of other items to add to this page I’ll add them but, this will at least give a little background information.

Good luck and trade well!

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