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S&P500 topping action?

S&P500 4-hour chart. On this chart price looks to clearly be rising from a corrective pattern — I believe a fourth wave a-b-c. If that is indeed the case, this is the last push upwards. “i” and “ii” of a … Continue reading

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EUR/USD Short Trade from 3/19

The EUR/USD short has started to turn positive so it’s time to adjust the stops. The first entry at $1.4099 still has the original stop point of $1.4280 but, the second entry at $1.4175 should be moved to +5, or … Continue reading

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Is it time to short the EUR/USD?

The EUR/USD pair is fast approaching what could be a trend change of significant proportion. Check out the Monthly EUR/USD Chart. As can be seen, price has almost reached the upper trend line. What doesn’t show on the long-term chart … Continue reading

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What to do with the U.S. Dollar Japanese Yen?

Here’s my plan and thoughts for the USD/JPY pair. Lots of notes, so will put them here instead of on the chart. The break from the triangle was expected for some time but the voracity was totally unexpected. Oft-times when … Continue reading

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